SCCM 2012 Admin Console Sluggish?

Does your SCCM 2012 Admin Console feel sluggish even when running directly from the Site Server that has more resources than SCCM knows what to do with?

Although there could be other issues that contribute to this issue, one of the first actions you should take it make sure your Antivirus product is set to exclude the correct directories and files!  This can have a dramatic effect on your console performance.

A great article about recommended exclusions can be found here:

If your AV product is System Center Endpoint Protection, you can start your SCCM 2012 Server policy baseline with the included template.

Navigate to Assets and Compliance>Endpoint Protection>Antimalware Policies.  Right-click Antimalware Policies and select  Import:


Select “SCEP12_Default_CfgMgr2012.xml”


As you will see this will import many default recommended exclusions.  You should now follow the guidance in the post above to exclude the additional locations/files not contained in the default template.

Save and deploy this policy to your SCCM 2012 server(s).  😉

Any AV exclusion leaves your system open for potential infection.  You should evaluate your environment and determine what best meets your needs.