Bigger and Better things!

After many exciting (and some not so exciting) years working in the public domain I have finally taken my destiny into my own hands (with help, explanation forthcoming).

After much consideration, stress, worry, planning and ultimately confidence I have left the comfort of full time employment and have ventured out into the business owner realm.  This is something I have pondered over the years but never took it too seriously until some informal discussions started up with a super smart friend/business associate of mine.  Is was quickly evident that we shared the same core principles on how (we believe) we could make a better consulting company.

Having worked for many companies over the years I have had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of hiring consultants to help guide us down a particular path.  In many cases I felt we were just another revenue source versus truly having a partner that wanted to understand our business and how we work,  providing expertise in aligning our goals with the business so that we as IT can work smarter and be more agile to propel the business forward.

Having had discussions with consultants over the years about their experience at various consulting companies it seemed to align with the feeling of just being another revenue source.

As you might have guessed, this is the exact sort of conversations that brought us to the realization that we truly believe we can build a better company that focuses on the things that matter. Things like providing a culture for our employees that is designed at its core to be a place to learn, innovate and excel.  A place where you can be rewarded for that extra effort.  A place where you WANT to work, not a place you have settled for because the salary is good.  A place where we truly partner with our clients and become a trusted adviser to ensure that every dollar they spend with us is fully earned.  A place where repeat business is obtained through honesty, integrity and rock solid delivery from top tier consultants.

My wife thinks I am a geek, and she’s right!  I am passionate and excited about technology and automation and as luck would have it, so are my new partners.  🙂  Of course it certainly isn’t luck.  These are the types of character attributes that brought us together on this new adventure.

So as I say farewell to the public domain, I open up a much more exciting and rewarding chapter in my life.

I welcome you to our website to learn more about us and where all future blogging will take place.



*This will Blog will remain, although I may port some of my blog posts over to the Model blog. 😉



Microsoft Virtual Labs

In case you aren’t aware, TechNet has a great Virtual Labs website where you can tryout and test the newest Microsoft products and technology online. Great place to get hands on time with a product without having to setup your own lab environment!