Create Prestage Content Failure and UAC

If like me, you don’t typically execute the SCCM Administrator Console with “Run as Administrator” option I think you are generally in good company. Day to day administration does not require you to elevate the admin console so rarely do I do so.

Today I needed to create prestaged content for a Distribution Point located on the other side of a pretty high latency, low bandwidth WAN connection to China.  (Cannot get a sizable Software Updates Package to successfully send to this DP, after several attempts, but that’s another story)

As I do every day I launched the Admin console (without elevation).  I navigated to the offending Software Updated package and walked through the “Create Prestage Content File” wizard.  Shortly after the process began, it failed.

After reviewing the {SCCMInstalDirectory}\AdminConsole\AdminUILog\PrestageContent.log I received the following error:

Creating prestaged content file failed due to user not having sufficient rights.

The obvious next step for me was to close and reopen the console as an administrator and viola, the process completed without error.


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