Preparing for SCCM 2012 Client Upgrade

Thought I would throw this gotcha out in case anyone else runs into this.

The scenario:  Installing SCCM 2012 Client Prerequisites prior to your upgrade.

After updating my WIM image with all the prereqs (that are applicable) from the SCCM 2012 Client directory, I then did a test deployment against my existing SCCM 2007 Infrastructure.  My Task Sequence step that installs FEP 2010 failed. (Fep-ApplyPolicy-WCOMPUTERNAME.log shows “ERROR FEP Client Installation failed.  Error Code 0x8004FF52”

Upon further investigation it was the SCCM 2012 prerq “Windows Firewall Configuration Provider” causing the fail.

Specifically the following message is displayed if you run the install with the GUI:

“One or more programs on your computer conflict with Forefront Endpoint Protection.  To Install Forefront Endpoint Protection, you must remove the following programs and then run the installation wizard again:

Windows Firewall Configuration Provider”

So long story short, do not pre-deploy this update prior to your SCCM 2012 client upgrade.  😉

So far the other prereqs seem to be fine and highly recommend you deploy these prior to your client upgrade otherwise the client install can be VERY lengthy. Especially .NET Framework 4.0.

*A side note, in my environment I also added Silverlight 5 to my image and will be deploying that out to all existing clients with the other prereqs as well (excluding Windows Firewall Configuration Provider of course!).  Silverlight 4 is included with SCCM 2012 RTM Client however SCCM 2012 SP1 will require Silverlight 5 and its backwards compatible with SCCM RTM.


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