Windows 7 Beta – Impressions

Hello, It has been quite some time since I have updated any entries on this blog.  Seems like everyday I get more and more to do so less time to post blogs! 

Anyway, I currently typing this post from a Windows 7 Beta machine (ie8).  I rolled my production Dell Latitude E6500 to Windows 7 the day the public Beta was released and so far (barring one Explorer.exe crash) I have to say I am fairly jazzed.  All the Vista drivers loaded no problem and pound for pound it is using less resources than Vista did.  The performance in general really just feels much more solid than Vista and this is still Beta!  Some of the new functionality that is built into W7’s Areo is actually quite functional.   The new “Show Desktop” is pretty freakin cool.  😉

I am running this Beta in production right now joined to our domain so I will be putting it to the coals so to speak.  With this being Beta, barring any major screwups this could be the new generation OS I have been waiting for.  Its nice be excited again about a new desktop OS.  I was very disappointed with Vista sadly (as were many) so it appears that MS may be back on track.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

I’ll post back with more info after I give it a proper go.


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