Image Capture: VPC vs VMWare

Just thought I may be able to save someone else out there a headache..

Although I am typically a much bigger proponent of VMWare products in terms of performance I found out the hard way that building and capturing an image from VMWare (Server 2.0) works great in most cases for newer hardware. I also discovered that the “IDE” mass storage driver in VMWare Server 2.0 would not allow the image to boot on older hardware (think Latitude D800, 600, etc). I spent a couple of days trying to find a set of driver that I could inject to get the machines working but to no avail. I had used Virtual PC 2007 in the past to build and capture but the performance is so lacking compared to VMWare I figured I would start there first. Well a long story short, after I went back to using Virtual PC 2007 (SP1) as my base machine for build and capture my “older” hardware is now back to booting properly and my newer hardware continues to function by injecting their mass storage drives as needed.

The moral of the story? Use Virtual PC 2007 to build and capture your image! Then you can turn it off and use VMWare for everything else. 😉


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