PXEFilter.vbs update to auto clear last PXE Advert

** This script has been deprecated with the release of SCCM 2007 R2.  It supports “Unknown Machines” inherently

I have modified the PXEFilter.vbs that ships with MDT 2008 to automatically clear the last PXE advertisement of the machine that is PXE booting. This allows me to set a mandatory assignment for my OS Deployment and removes the requirement for field techs to have to open the admin console to re-image a machine via PXE.

The section I added was:

‘// Clear Last PXE Advertisement
On Error Resume Next
Dim resources
Dim InParams

‘ Set up the Resource array parameter.
resources = Array(1)
resources(0) = iResourceID

Set InParams = oSMS.Get(“SMS_Collection”).Methods_(“ClearLastNBSAdvForMachines”).InParameters.SpawnInstance_
InParams.ResourceIDs = resources

oSMS.ExecMethod “SMS_Collection”,”ClearLastNBSAdvForMachines”, InParams

if Err.number <> 0 Then
PXE.LogTrace “Failed to clear PXE advertisement for resource: ” & iResourceID
PXE.LogTrace “Clear PXE Advertisement Completed successfully for resource: ” & iResourceID
End If


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